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Everything Shifi Lieberman taught me has made so much sense.  The second she says it, it sounds obvious but she always has a different and professional way of looking at each unique situation.  I thought I was being a good parent, but instead, I was allowing my children to have way too much control – which I now realize affected them in so many different ways. They really were insecure and I never realized why.  I never would have put two and two together without Shifi’s help. I occasionally think about where I would be had we never met! You, your husband and your kids will be happier if you go see Shifi.  I promise!

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I never believed my daughter’s anxiety had anything to do with me. I think until I worked with Shifi, I thought all kids are just nervous about everything and it was my job to tell them ‘not to worry!’ No wonder the anxiety didn’t go away!! It was getting so out of control, that by the time I saw Shifi, I thought there was no way she can help.  It was amazing that not only did she help manage the anxiety, but how quickly our patterns were reversed. My husband and I are forever grateful.

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Shifi worked so well with all the people in the world that mattered to my son.  Not only did she work with me and my husband, but she worked closely with the school and with the teachers to provide the best care.  I never realized that could be part of therapy! I am so appreciative for what she has done for my son.  And so our his teachers!! He is really a changed kid.  And it all began when we changed our behaviors towards him.  If I would not have seen it with my own eyes, I would never believe that this is for real.  I cannot thank Shifi enough.

Director of a mental health agency in Clifton, NJ

As the executive director of a family counseling agency I have had the opportunity to observe many students and mental health professionals on their personal journey to skills acquisition and service delivery.  Each one approaches the challenging and humbling task of helping others improve their quality of life in a unique way.  It has been a pleasure to observe the professional evolution of Mrs. Lieberman. 

Shifi Lieberman began her experiences at our agency as a student.  She balanced the multiple demands of training and managing her own family life with grace, humor and passion.  She quickly made her mark on our agency as a person with considerable personal talents and enthusiasm.  One of her hallmarks was her conviction that everything offered to clients had to be proven to be effective.  

Once Shifi completed her training she was sought after by the local school to provide supportive services to the teachers and students in the primary grades.  Her wish was to provide a service that would have the greatest impact on the most number of students.  She researched and as part of a team developed a school based social skills program.  Implementation of this program required mastery of the materials; adapting the materials to the needs and culture of the school; training faculty and parents in their respective roles in working with students; and supporting the school-wide utilization of the curriculum.  She has become a passionate proponent of working with families to support the emotional and psychological growth of their children. 

Shifi Lieberman has an uncanny ability to zero in on social skill needs and its application with children.  Time and again, Shifi has been able to create a language that children can relate to and apply to their emotional/social development.  Our students, under Shifi’s direction, have learned an empathy vocabulary that carries the range of emotions beyond happy and sad.  Children have been able to apply these vocabulary skills in describing their own emotions as well as reflecting the feelings of other children.  We have actually seen 6 and 7 year old children use Shifi’s “formula” in working through their bad feelings without resorting to typical pouting or temper tantruming.  Moving beyond the classroom, Shifi understands that impacting the home environment will reinforce these skills and affect the whole dynamic of the home. Shifi’s efforts in engaging the parents in her uniquely unthreatening and compassionate way has made significantly inroads in creating change in their children’s reactions to frustration, fear, or anger and in molding a more positive home environment.

Principal of Yeshiva Ktana of Passaic, Grades 1-8


Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Seton Hall University

To whom this may concern:

This letter is in support of Shifi Lieberman, LMFT, to work helping couples and families. As Program Director of the Masters and Ed.S. Programs in Marriage and Family Therapy at Seton Hall University, I have had the opportunity to teach and supervise many students in their development as marriage and family therapists.  Ms. Lieberman is a graduate of our program and was an excellent student and clinician. Her passion for helping families is great and it drives her hard work ethic and thirst for further knowledge.

As a student, she was successful both academically and clinically. She asked challenging questions and was clear that her goal was to help couples and families. She worked with individuals, couples, and families in a community agency. Her evaluations were consistently strong. She quickly developed ideas about how families change. She was sensitive to the culture of the families. She always received feedback as information that could make her a stronger therapist. While I supervised her, she would incorporate feedback into her work and return to supervision with a description of how she tried to incorporate the feedback into her therapeutic approach. She is never satisfied with her work because of her constant drive to achieve her full potential as a therapist. 

I have also worked with Shifi since her graduation and ultimate achievement of licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She remains passionate about helping parents to raise their children in a way that is connected and aware. She is firm in her conviction that change happens in the context of the family. Through her work with numerous families with struggling children, she developed her own model of the change necessary for families to succeed. The complexity of her framework demonstrates the great investment of time and thought she has put into the families she has worked with. 

I recommend her without reservation. 


Ben Beitin, Ph.D., LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor
Associate Professor & Program Director
Seton Hall University – MFT Programs 


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