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Engaged Couples

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According to some, the Engagement period is the most exciting time in your life!


But it doesn’t have to be that way. This should be the start of a long-lasting, healthy, trusting even more exciting relationship between you and your spouse. 

In a world where over fifty percent of married couples get divorced, Premarital Counseling has become a very talked-about topic.  Catching couples at their happiest point is effective in assisting the couple to plan better for the beautiful life that lies ahead.  Whether you have had disagreements, arguments, or neither with your fiancé, becoming educated about what to expect in the upcoming weeks, months or years is essential.  

While it is true that the divorce rate is at the highest point in history, the purpose of this webpage is to focus on the amazing success that some couples have in marriage.  Marriage is really a miracle if you stop and think about it! Two people each with unique personality traits, from different backgrounds, with their own built-in values and belief systems, and emotion-management techniques, are fused together to begin the closest and most intimate relationship possible.  And for many, it is way better than they could ever have hoped for. 

Learning about your partner, improving communication skills when things are happy and thrilling, discussing how you each deal with anger or hurt feelings (i.e., do you withdraw? do you yell?) and how each of your backgrounds will affect your marriage are some goals of premarital counseling. 

If the idea of “therapy” while you are engaged is foreign or even uncomfortable for you, then it is suggested that you and your fiancé book just ONE appointment to meet during the engagement.  A lot can be accomplished in just one 1.5 hour session.  It may even be considered one of your most enjoyable dates!


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