Become empowered to deal with anxiety from the comfort of your own home


Anxiety Made Simple.


Whether it is you or your child 

suffering from anxiety,

we are here to help


Is anxiety getting in your way? 

Do you wish you knew how to respond to your child’s Anxiety?

 Anxiety destroys our ability to be happy and corrodes our relationships. In my years of work as a therapist counseling  clients struggling with anxiety, I've seen firsthand how much suffering is caused when anxiety isn't effectively addressed.

Unfortunately, a lot of what can be accomplished after years of therapy, could be accomplished so much quicker in the client's natural environment when clients are taught some crucial skills in dealing with anxiety.

I decided to create:  

 Anxiety Made Simple.

I am here to give you the  tools you need to fight anxiety. I compiled a series of research-based effective tools that can quickly be implemented into YOUR home to help combat anxiety.


 Instead of spending hours in therapy, you can learn these skills from the comfort of your own home. 


What will you gain from joining Anxiety Made Simple?

  • You'll get a clear understanding of what anxiety is
  • You will learn the most common mistakes to avoid when dealing with anxiety
  • You will learn what to do to treat anxiety
  • You will receive exclusive PDFs and handouts that can be used and implemented in your home
  • You will have the opportunity to ask Shifi your questions and receive personal responses
  • You will notified about all new content and will be the first to know about new products related to the course content

Anxiety doesn't just go away. Don't let anxiety continue to ruin the peace of mind in your home. Don't let the fears and worries of your child prevent him from becoming a successful adult. Tackle anxiety the easy way.


Buy Anxiety Made Simple.




Meet Your Instructor, Shifi Lieberman, LMFT

I have always been intrigued as to what makes some families succeed and others families fail. One of the best decisions I’ve made was pursuing an advanced degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I have been told many times that my passion for the field is infectious and that my relentless pursuit in trying to find the “secrets to success” from up-to-date research has actually become an obsession. My own children have been the greater impetus to the amount of time that I have spent, both in and out of school, researching how healthy families function and specifically what we need to do as parents to help our children. Thanks to the available literature and wonderful training, I’ve been able to uncover what I believe is the common denominator in healthy relationships: the development of true empathy.