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What People are Saying...

Previous Client...

Everything Shifi Lieberman taught me has made so much sense.  The second she says it, it sounds obvious but she always has a different and professional way of looking at each unique situation.  I thought I was being a good parent, but instead, I was allowing my children to have way too much control – which I now realize affected them in so many different ways. They really were insecure and I never realized why.  I never would have put two and two together without Shifi’s help. I occasionally think about where I would be had we never met! You, your husband, and your kids will be happier if you go see Shifi.  I promise!

Previous Client...

Shifi worked so well with all the people in the world that mattered to my son.  Not only did she work with me and my husband, but she worked closely with the school and with the teachers to provide the best care.  I never realized that could be part of therapy! I am so appreciative for what she has done for my son.  And so our his teachers!! He is really a changed kid.  And it all began when we changed our behaviors towards him.  If i would not have seen it with my own eyes, I would never believe that this is for real.  I cannot thank Shifi enough.