On Attachment

children family therapy parenting Mar 10, 2021

This article is an excellent overview of Attachment Theory.

Don’t underestimate your relationship with your children.  It is definitely worth all the attention you give it.  The benefits go far beyond the imaginable.

It’s amazing how often the treatment to a “social skills challenge” includes repairing the parent-child bond first.  And, if the parent-child attachment is already strong, then the chance of success in the treatment of “improving one’s social skills” is at its best.

We all know socially awkward adults and people who are just difficult to relate to or understand.  I haven’t yet figured out if  there is a  link between these adults and their attachment to their parents. Or if by adulthood it is their nature that is more dominant than their nurture. (Though I must admit, I have had the urge to go over to  ”odd adults” and ask them about their relationship with their mom!)

But, it’s clear to me that in children the link between healthy attachment and prosocial skills is strong.

I hope you’ll enjoy the article on Attachment Theory:


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