MAJOR Problems with Amazon Prime 📦

amazon children entitlement gratification Jan 20, 2024

Am I the only one who’s having a problem with Amazon Prime lately?


As someone who enjoys to do most of my shopping online and not in stores, I’m seeing the problems with Amazon Prime, more than ever. 


Here goes: I cuddle up with Six year old and get ready for a bedtime story. Before I lay down, she asks me for new crayola markers. Her friend has the “cutest” markers from Amazon and her own markers are almost dried out, she claims.  I say I don’t have time to go to the store, and she needs to wait until the day that I can take her to the Dollar Store. 


She LAUGHS. As if. She knows the score. I don’t go to stores. 


Most of the time anyway… 


She begs to just look at them on Amazon. She begs to “see options”. She begs to just swipe one (cute) little finger and she will do lots of stuff to deserve them. She promises. Her finger is on the toggle. She smiles. Actually the cutest smile, I must admit. But the one I have no energy to fight with. I tell her I’m not sure it’s the right parenting move to just “buy the markers”. And explain that sometimes we need to “delay gratification.” And how “Good things come to those who wait.” She’s not listening. And doesn’t know or care what that is anyway. 


Truthfully, the markers are less than $5. Is this worth the conversation? I’m feeling old and I’m overpowered. Her finger is still on the Buy Now button. I’m feeling weak at the knees. 


I surrender. It’s better to say Yes, than to say No and then Yes. Right?


I say Yes. 😬


She promises to jump out of bed early for the next five days and be ready for school super early. $5 is a great deal. A dollar a day for 5 no-stress mornings.


Any. Time.


She goes to sleep. At least she forgot about the book I was supposed to read. Woo hoo! 🎉


By the time we wake up in the morning, the markers are at our door. Because she is down so early- she gets to them. 


She begs to just look at them. She begs to just see them. She begs to just use her little finger to open the bag so she can peak at the markers. She begs to bring just one to school. I mean, she was down early this morning. She claims she deserves one. At least. 


I haven’t yet had my coffee. I wished I ordered them on the slowest speed option. Who needed them so quickly? I thought I had five blissful mornings ahead of me. 


Now, we still need to negotiate?! 


I’m worried how this need for instant gratification is going to play out in her life. 


Amazon should really make a “Super Slow Speed Especially for Six Year Olds.”




Amazon Prime isn’t all it's cracked up to be. 


Unless I ordered something for me………..


😬, Shifi 



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