Laugh Out Loud 😂

Jul 31, 2023
Laugh Out Loud 😂

Typical summer Sunday. “Let’s do something fun,” says half the family, when the other half secretly wishes all the plans will fall flat. But this past Sunday, Fun Half overpowered and we packed into the car, all geared up for BikeRiding Trip. In full disclosure, I was not consciously ‘putting the brakes’ on this idea, but secretly petrified as I have not been on a bike in probably… 30 years? Is that an exaggeration? I don’t even think so! 


When we got there, they said that there were no bikes to be rented, and within 30 seconds I was on my way back to the car doing an internal happy dance, and an external sad face, when one of the kids called out saying that a biking group had returned early and we were good to go. Yikes. 


So we all got on our bikes (and sweaty helmets from the people before us 🤢) and I began to pedal! As we started riding on this pretty trail in Hurleyville, all I can think of is wow! I can still ride a bike!! It was like the saying actually goes “it was like riding a bike” 😂!


A huge shout out to my muscle memory!! 


As we rode down the path, I was flooded with childhood memories: Riding my bike down Riverside Drive in NYC. Still petrified of dogs that came upon the path, but this time it was my children cheering me on and not my parents. Surreal feeling. 


Highly recommended. 


Of the many things I enjoyed, was watching all different people, families of all shapes and sizes enjoying Sunday afternoon together.  When I passed one particular interaction - I saw a family laughing - it made me ponder about Laughter in general and what is it? I mean literally, what is laughter? What’s the science behind laughter? And why is it so important for our mental health? 


Of course I wondered if they were laughing at me and my dorky looking helmet, but then I reminded myself that I’m not really six anymore, and even if they were — who cares! 🎉


Everyone has a different laugh. And if you think about it for a second, Laughing in general is mamash a funny thing! The punchline of a joke hits you and it comes with a funny, tickly feeling… and all of a sudden,you’re overcome by the urge to yell out funny noises with huge smiles on our faces breathing very loud, often with a head tilting backwards? 


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