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consider it done Mar 02, 2023

Whoa. Hope you’re enjoying the weather this week!


We are nearing three years since the Covid lockdown. And one core memory stands out.


On a particularly hectic Friday afternoon I asked one of my boys to vacuum his bedroom. I was so touched by his immediate response of “Ma, Consider it Done.” There is something deeply comforting in those words. I kissed him and told him how much I appreciated it. He smiled. And walked away. 


Later that evening, on Friday night no less, I was in his room and it was clearly NOT vacuumed. I’m like “hello? What happened to “Consider it Done!”


I’ll never forget his face.

He looked at me confused and said “Ohhh!! I was wondering why you seemed so touched by my response. Yes, Yes! So what I actually meant was Consider it Done!  Big emphasis on the consider part, not on the done part!” 😂


Worse, he told me that he thought that’s what the expression meant:  “just consider it done, because the rest of us are fine the way things are- and especially in this case, boys really don’t notice if carpet is vacuumed or not.”  


Since then – when I ask my children for anything – “can you please take out the garbage?” They reply: “Sure Mom, consider it done!”  


“Sure, Mom, consider it done ✅🤣”  now has an entirely new meaning. 


[Last week when I asked him when he’ll be coming home, he laughed and gently responded “consider me home!”]


Not gonna lie, he ruined those words for me for a while. I couldn’t say it without laughing anymore. 


But then everything changed this past Thursday.  When I asked my friend for a favor and she responded “Consider it Done” (and meant it like Normal People do), I remembered that I. Love. Those. Words. 


These words instill a sense of trust and reliability. When someone says this, they typically have taken responsibility for the task and assured you that it will be completed. There is confidence in the tone and the words are meant to alleviate stress. 


Consider it Done” is a gentle hug for your worries. The words have a magical way of turning around tension and worry into a sense of calm and completion. It’s as if the person saying it turns into a little angel and whispers to you,  “Don’t you worry, I’ve got this one covered.”


It’s a great phrase. Let’s teach it to our children — the right way! 

Consider it done

💕, Shifi 



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