Confessions of a June Mom 🥴

confessions craziness june mom overwhelmed summer Jun 13, 2023

Dear Diary,


Ok ok. Thought about it again. Yes, our Messy Drawer children need a lot of TLC in the month of June. But you know who also needs TLC? 

Me. A Messy Draw Mom. 


I can’t keep up! 


Sometimes I really think that the camps and the schools are pranking me. Like a good old camp raid! Actually, I keep thinking of it as a huge game of tug-a-war… “who’s gonna win for sure for sure?” 🎶 


Example of what I mean: I will get an email from camp reminding me again and again about handing in my medical records and the same minute, I will get an email from the school asking us not to take our children out of school - even for doctor appointments- because of achievement tests and because we are expected to take the end of the year seriously. 

I get an email from camp telling me how excited we are that camp is right around the corner, and that very night I get an email that school is not over and my child still needs to do her homework! 🥴


Attention Camp Directors and Office Staff: I am really a normal, somewhat organized person. I feel like each of you must have my picture hanging in your office as “Most Wanted!” 

(But then, when I speak to others, I get a little validation that maybe it’s not just me. Phew.)


On behalf of all of us, here’s our request:


Please give my child water if they are thirsty even if I forgot to sign the water forms to have water delivered to their beds. And, of course, my kids want to be with their friends. Did I forget to fill out the friend request for that child? My nightmare is in the middle of the night my feverish child will be banned from the infirmary because I’m that mother who forgot to sign that Tylenol form for that child, for that camp! 


You know what Camps? I attached my signature! Just use it for everything please! 🫣



With camp forms flying, and needing to sign up for transportation to and even from camp, and getting luggage tags in the mail that we need to keep until the first day of camp (into the messy drawer they go, Hashem Help.) and oh! getting registration emails for next year. I guess the school has a right to know if we’re sending them back. The whole medical form fiasco. Photocopying, scanning, mailing. I really wish I had a secretary. And I really don’t know the dates of their vaccines. Did the camp really just ask me that? Or did I misunderstand that? 😂 Still trying to quickly get that well visit in. Yes, thank you. I know I should have booked earlier.  And uploading the insurance cards. Don’t forget the front and the back! And please do it for each child. Oh! And please get a passport size picture of your child (preferably one that they approve when they see it hanging in camp!).

Not to mention the last minute shopping, orthodontist appointments, nit checks, haircuts, luggage drop offs that have to be done within the last few days before camp. Is the luggage really going a day before the children go? Whew - BH for Sister who just happen to mention that or I definitely would have missed that one. 




We’re dealing with homework, end of school plays, art projects and end of year finals combined with buying goggles and fans and everything else we may need for summer, while getting emails from all the different camps how excited they are for us to come and what the phone number is and what the phone call schedule is for July and August — when we want to call! 

In case we have room in our brain to remember all that. 

And that doesn't include the graduations, dinners, fundraisers, Simchos and other obligations that typically come with the month of June. 


It’s no wonder I have a stack of wedding response cards I haven’t mailed back. 




I feel like Messy Drawer Mom. 


Wait - there’s more. This doesn’t even include the trip form I needed to fill out for my daughter’s camp trip… in August AND what she wants for supper the first night of camp when she goes… in August. Would she like a schnitzel or grilled chicken sandwich or a salad?! And what number he wants on the back of his camp “merch” t-shirt?!!


So to all our teachers, camp directors and school offices: I promise we are trying. Don’t give up on us Parents! I think it’s safe to say that none of us want our child too thirsty and it would be soo sad for them to be left back from the major trip because I missed the email with the consent form. 

 Oh!!! And THEN the Camp Email comes to Parents: We will not be accepting any packages this year- so I really hope your child doesn’t forget anything! 😂

Camps — We will do our best. But NO PROMISES! 




Can’t wait to see you on visiting day!!


❤️, Shifi 


P.S. I’m Joking - I know there’s no visiting day… wait, is there visiting day? 



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