Let’s Get Candid About Camp!

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Listen to this FREE Class and get ready to have your Camp Questions answered! 

Shifi Lieberman, LMFT and Mrs. Debbie Selengut, sought-after speaker and most beloved Camp Mother are here to answer your questions! 

Questions covered about Sleepaway Camp!

⛺Is camp today a luxury or a necessity? Is it worth the cost to send a child to camp?  

⛺How to deal with a child who is unhappy in camp? 

⛺What to do respond to a child who has homesick

What to do when your child insists he comes home 

⛺ Friday afternoon phone calls 

⛺Keeping up with the Jones’. Do we? Or Do we Not?

⛺Shabbos food - to sneak or not to sneak …

⛺Body image  

⛺Medication /bedwetting.  

… and the lots of life lessons that are learned in camp! 

Grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s learn how to make the most of a summer camp experience! 

😍, Shifi 

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What People Are Saying:

Shifi has a way of understanding what the parents need to hear! She is entertaining and refreshing and clear. I’ve taken her courses, and really believe they have changed our lives — and all of my children’s lives. And kept us out of therapy. I didn’t realize how much information I didn’t know! Thank you, thank you, Shifi!


We are really enjoying this, Shifi. We're learning so much! Have to go slowly now and process everything...

-Previous Client

Another great one! Wish I would have heard this years ago... I just love it.

-Previous Client