Family Therapy

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Stress in family life is inevitable.


Stress can come in the form of financial constraints, relationship disagreements, physical or mental illness, marital tension, sibling rivalry, or challenges in emotion management. If dealt with inappropriately, any of the above can thwart the social-emotional growth of all of the members of the family. When stressors build on one another, anxiety, confusion, and insecurity begin to set in. Alternatively, if dealt with properly, tension can actually be used as an opportunity to increase the social-emotional health of the family members.  


The following challenges can often be eradicated in the context of a Family Therapy or Consultation session.

Many people feel validated to know that there are actual (& sometimes easy!) ways to improve the family dynamic.  

  •  One child holding too much power in the home
  • Relationship issues between one parent and child
  • The conflict between husband and wife, and child acting out either in school or at home (or both)
  • Emotion Management in the home
  • Correctly identifying and dealing with emotions (i.e., frustration disappointment, hurt, loneliness, embarrassment, jealous, scared, concerned, sadness, boredom)
  • Responding Out of the Wrong Emotion
  • Calming Down Routines
  • Too Much Negativity
  • Empathy/ Compassion
  • Anger Management Techniques
  • Anxiety and/or Sadness (especially as a family)
  • Impulse Control
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Dealing with Feeling Left Out, Inviting Others to Join In
  • Conversation Skills: Conversation Starters, How to Know When You are Talking Too Long, How to Gracefully End a Conversation, Eye Contact, Distance Between Two People When They are Talking, Knowing How to Give In in an Argument
  • Using Humor Appropriately or Inappropriately
  • Learning How and When to Apologize
  • Self-Esteem
  • Knowing your Trigger Buttons
  • Etc!